gwazniak (gwazniak) wrote in iconversations,

Atop a cliff

As I stood on a cliff overlooking a highway, I felt the soft hand on my shoulder. It was a warm, gentle touch that wouldn't break the skin of water. Normally such a touch of death would scare the shit out of me. But I smelled her sweet CK perfume wafting towards me before she even reached out. It was inviting and intoxicating.

I sighed and stepped forward away from her touch. As quick as I could make it, I turned around as I put my glasses on. My breath left my body. There in the darkness was an angelic figure of grace and perfection. A beautiful woman of 5'5 with a glorious dancers body, underneath an oppressively long blue dress.

"Hello Gary," my love of my life said happily. "I found you. Surprised?" She said, as she immediately stepped forward to wrap those ivory arms around me.

"Not really," my cigarette stained voice croaked out. I immediately stepped backward to the very edge of the cliff to avoid the embrace. My hands shot into my pockets faster than a turtle's head can slip into its shell. They glued themselves to the contents inside. My keys needed holding. I felt the ridges carefully with my thumb.

I stared at her, and continued my thought. "You managed to remember where we did it all those years ago. And remembered how I like coming here. Congratulations, you found out I'm boring. But you knew that a long time ago didn't you? Now go home, I'm married."

"You never liked being happy," she said softly. The woman faded away to memory again.

"You never liked anal," I replied with a sneer, before realizing I was talking to myself again.
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