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Addicted to the script in my mind

When I recently came back from the bathroom I noticed a large mirror next to the wardrobe. I further realized that the person inhabiting the mirror did indeed seem strikingly similar to me. I greeted the woman politely and complimented her on her remarkably shiny hair. She nodded and asked where I keep my shirts and if I had another one like the one I was wearing. I said that I did and that it was in the laundry bin. She thanked me and walked away to change, remarking that my shirt would look stunning on her.

I silently agreed and continued my journey to the kitchen where I intended to fetch myself a coup of coffee. After doing so I came across, or rather spotted, one of my cats. She had apparently taken to lying flat on her back with her eyes half-closed (or should I say half-opened so as not to insult optimism?). I inquired if she was playing dead. She looked at me and appeared to be rather irritated about my question. She sighed and said that the answer should be obvious. I was rather taken aback by her rude reply, crossed my arms and said that she wasn't doing it very well, just to spite her. Truthfully it had been a beautiful performance but back then I refused to admit so. She then turned slightly and began to move her tail rather furiously, hissing that her acting was none of my business.
I then realized that I had offended her deeply and apologized. I encouraged her to continue her act and hurriedly left the kitchen.

Also I am new to this beautiful community and bid my caffeinated greetings to everyone who is not. In hopes of reading and being read,
La Mouette Lunaire

Edit: Not only is my mind playing acoustical tricks on me but also I could have sworn that when I checked the community the last date's entry was a good amount of more recently. I wonder if anyone is still around for revival?
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