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The DisGuyz Chronicles part II

DisGuyz- *walking along the hacienda rooftops, occasionally hopping over to the next roof or stopping to listen to the birds* It is ver pretty here. I don't know if I'd necessarily want to stay here, though. The birds here do not sing about very happy things. Then again, maybe it's just the language barrier. *Lazily falls off side of roof, catching the edge with his toes and ending up looking though the hacienda's open window upside-down* Hola, senorita.
Senorita- *with a start* Hola, senor. Necesita usted ayuda?
DisGuyz- No, thank you. I am quite alright. I smelled a wonderful aroma emanating from your lovely little cocina. By the way, my name is DisGuyz.
Senorita- *smiles* I am very much pleased to meet you, Senor DisGuyz. Mi nombre es Isabella. I am cooking some flautas and taquitos for my hermanitos.
DisGuyz- Ahh, Isabella. What a beautiful name. I was wondering if there was anything I could help you with, anything at all, in exchange for some lunch and pleasant conversation?
Isabella- *blushes* Well, we were starting to dig a well in the backyard, but the ground has gotten very hard, and...well,...we...
DisGuyz- *interrupts* Of course, I'll go on back and take a look-see. *Flips over, landing on his feet, and saunters around back*
Isabella- *runs out back door* Oh, sir, you might want this *hands DisGuyz a shovel*
DisGuyz- *takes shovel* Isabella? No more of that sir/senor stuff. I'm just an amigo. Call me DisGuyz, please?
Isabella- *blushes again* Of course...DisGuyz. I must get back to the food. *runs back inside*
DisGuyz- *looks down into the 2 feet already dug out* Hmmm...I can hear water about 14 feet down...eh, shouldn't take too long *he hurls the shovel straight down into the hole, and it cuts throught the dirt like butter, going in until the handle is almost completely under the earth*.
Isabella- *watching from a shuttered window* Oh my goodness!
DisGuyz- *pulls the shovel out and repeats the process a dozen times* Alright, time to actually get to work. *Begins to shovel incredibly fast, tossing the dirt into a neat pile nearby. In a short time, DisGuyz is standing in a 15 foot hole. He looks up, gauges the distance, and kicks down hard. The kick both punches through to the water and pushes DisGuyz up and out of the hole. He lands neatly and brushes the dirt off his clothes*
Isabella- *standing there in awe* Lunch is ready sen...I mean, DisGuyz.
DisGuyz- Mucho gracias. The well is all done, so looks like we've almost finished our bargain. Now you must grace me with your presense and conversation at the table.
Isabella- *blushes furiously again and beckons him inside*

*As the door closes, a figure in the shadows across the street smiles a menacing grin sparkling with gold and creeps away*

To be continued...
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