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Cool album

me: Were you out in the rain? Are you cold?
Juan: Do you have brandy?
me: Sure, I'll pour you some.
Juan: Did you get it?
me: You mean the album? I didn't find the one we were looking for but I got this one instead. Say hi to John here on the cover.
Juan: Hi John!
me: That's how I got this album. The pictures talked to me.
John on the album cover: Hi there. I've been talking to this chick all day. We have been talking about effortlessness.
Juan: How do you define effortlessness?
John on the album cover: I'd say that it is accepting yourself as you are. Big imagination - beautiful, big ass - beautiful. All is beautiful as it is.
me: He has been eyeing up my ass all day while I have been trying to start up an intelligent conversation.
Juan: Have you listened to the album yet?
me: Not yet, I have been too busy talking to the cover.
John on the album cover: Great music, you know.
me: You have to be quiet while we listen.
Juan: Here, I'll turn the picture to the inside. That way he'll probably fall asleep.
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